Customer Experience Management
Discover the professions of the CEM's of Orange Cameroon
The Customer Experience Department is composed of 5 areas of expertise

The Contact Center Department


- Initiate contracts with contract centers and ensure contract terms and conditions are respected (call volumes, billings ,etc)
- Ensure in advance, in real time, and subsequently of the service quality of the General public, Corporate and Om at the level of Contact Centers (define the level of service, management of the service level and corrective actions, etc.)
- Guarantee a good customer experience through Assisted Digital Channels and ensure customer satisfaction and retention
- Guarantee a continuous customer relationship in agencies and franchises

The following jobs could be found in the Contact Center:

Operation Supervisor (Incoming and outgoing calls)

Its role is to ensure the steering of call centre platforms through major axes:
(i) Ensure the proper handling of customers call,
(ii) contribute to the quality of the customer’s voice transmission
(iii) Ensure the planning and organization of outgoing calls. He/she has the following duties:

- Ensure real-time management of the activity and contributing to the achievement of efficiency and QoS objectives.
- Contribute to the management of the activity in delayed time
- Ensure systematic reporting of incidents
- Check the mastery of the software used by the Tele-advisers
- Monitor training needs and correcting discrepancies
- Ensure the planning and operationalisation of outgoing call campaigns
- Draw up the forecast outgoing call roadmap
- Ensure that contractual commitments are respected
- Ensure the quality of reporting of outbound call campaigns

Back Office Identification Supervisor

Its role is to supervise the identification activity outsourced to partner call centers

The Digital Customer Relationship Supervisor

Its role is to manage the digital customer relations activity. The following missions in particular are assigned to it :
- Manage the team of digital customer web advisors handling customer interactions via digital channels
- Ensuring the proper planning of digital client advisors.
- To ensure the increase in competence of web advisers through initial and ongoing training and local coaching.
- Control production costs by ensuring the quality produced and perceived.
- Improve the digital share (proportion of customer contacts processed through digital channels).
- To increase visitor satisfaction through quality of service;
- Driving force in the escalation of customer pain and its resolution in conjunction with the various CEM departments.

Care in Shop Manager

Its role is to
(i) guarantee a seamless customer relationship in the agencies and franchises;
(ii) guarantee the achievement of product and perceived quality objectives
(iii) implement the COPC standard approach in the agencies and franchises. The following missions in particular have been assigned to it:
- Guaranteeing a seamless customer relationship in agencies and franchises
- Ensuring consistency in the customer discourse and posture between agencies, franchises and other contact channels (sales launch, incidents, developments etc....)
- Ensuring the availability and exhaustiveness of tools
- Guarantee the achievement of objectives in terms of product and perceived quality
- Managing and analyzing the performance KPIs of boutiques and franchises
- Leads analysis sessions with branch and franchise managers and defines action plans.

The VIP Care

They are in charge of services dedicated to Premium and VIP customers.

Back office B2C Service

This service is in charge of the feedback and processing of data from call centers and shops.

The B2B Customer Relations professions


- Management of major accounts
- Management of B2B back office
- Commercial debt recovery

The Head of Key Account Management

He/she is in charge of:
- Improving the customer experience for key B2B accounts
- Personalized management of Voice / Data / M2M / LL fleets
- Supporting companies in the integration of new services
- Support sales and collection teams

B2B Back Office Management

Its activities are centered on :
- Processing of complaints and management actions (additions, deletions and line changes)
- Invoicing: Billing tests, processing of irregularities billing validation.

Commercial Debt Recovery

The aim is to
(i) contribute to the company's financial health,
(ii) and monitor customer consumption through :
- Customer risk management :
    o Validating new customer files
    o Draw up the list of clients to be blocked,
    o Follow the fraud dashboard (daily, weekly and monthly)
- Collection
    o Draw up the recovery plan to be implemented for unpaid debts, unpaid returned cheques and insolvent transfer statements
    o Establish the provisional schedule for collection and monitor its application.
- Monitoring of customer consumption
    o Monitor clients' daily and weekly consumption according to the threshold established at their request.
    o Search and control call data records and traffic report
    o Check for unusual consumption

Support Department Professions

The Support Department ensures the availability of all operations support, skills development and quality control necessary for the smooth running of operations.
Its main missions and related activities are :

Operational Support

It guarantees the availability of operational support for operations (application supports, reporting). Its mission is to :
- Guarantee the correct routing of contact flows to the production teams
- Provide a forecast of contacts enabling operational teams to plan their activities
- Guaranteeing the availability of business applications by providing application support
- Ensuring reporting on the Customer Relationship activity directly or by providing the appropriate data extraction and reporting tools

Method and Quality Service Department

It is in charge of :
- Implementing Quality Control of Customer Relationship activities
    o Define the Quality Control policy and tools
    o Implementing the Quality Control policy, in coordination with the various operational teams
    o Produce quality reporting that can be used by operational teams.

- Define the methods, procedures and operating modes for the different client activities
    o Define the Quality Control policy and tools
    o Implementing the Quality Control policy, in coordination with the various operational teams
    o Produce quality reporting that can be used by operational teams

- Define the methods, procedures and operating modes for the different client activities
    o Identify, update and/or produce all the procedures, operating modes and methods to be used in customer relations activities, whatever the channels concerned.
    o Ensure the availability of content on relevant media (knowledge base, web)

Training and Skills Development Department

Its mission is to guarantee the increase in competence of the operational teams. Composed of 2 training coordinators and 3 business support staff, their duty is to:
- Identify the training needs of the management teams
- Ensure the engineering of initial and continuing training
- Deploy training to relay trainers (at subcontractors in particular)
- Coordinate the general deployment of training courses
- Provide business support to internal teams

Project Management Assistant

Provides interfaces for all "tool" projects within the department. It is in charge of :
- Identifying the IT projects impacting the Customer Experience Department
- Ensure the collection of "Customer Relationship" business requirements and their transmission to the Technical Departments in the form of expressions of need.
- Monitoring IS projects on behalf of the Management and producing progress and alert reports for the DEC

Customer Retention and Journey Department

The missions of the Retention, Loyalty and Customer Care department are as follows :

- Guarantee and develop customer focus, in terms of measuring satisfaction but also in terms of understanding customer relationship expectations.
- Measure the performance of the OCM Customer Relationship organization in terms of customer experience
- Enhance customer capital through targeted actions to build loyalty, retention, additional sales (with Marketing) and improve customer satisfaction.
- Improve current customer journey experience
- Steering the deployment of new offers in customer contact channels with a view to customer satisfaction and value creation

Jobs under this department are :

Head of Customer Referral and Retention

- Ensure data compliance according to business priorities, defining and implementing actions for differentiated treatment of priority segments
- Assess customer satisfaction, detecting reasons for dissatisfaction or churn and setting up retention / loyalty actions
- Analyse customer behaviour, identify opportunities for value creation and trigger targeted actions

Head of Customer Satisfaction

- Ensuring knowledge of customers and managing the updating of the customer base
- Measuring customer satisfaction, detecting reasons for dissatisfaction and monitoring the implementation of corrective actions by operational managers
- Identify all customers impacted by the causes of dissatisfaction (Voice of the customer, survey and incidents) and manage the regularization of customers

Multi-channel Customer Journey Manager

- Simplify existing customer journeys across all channels by optimizing the company's offer and service management processes
- Participate in the project structuring the customer relationship
- Develop the digital channel

Management Office Professions

The Program Management Office is in charge of :

- The implementation of the Customer Relationship Master Plan
- The implementation of Customer Experience improvement initiatives
- The management of Customer Experience Transformation programs

The following jobs could be found under this category :

Person In charge for steering partners

- To ensure performance management and the achievement of contractual objectives incoming calls for the partners.
- Ensure consistency between the volumes of calls offered and processed with the invoicing.

CX Performance Management Manager

- Monitor the measurement of customer satisfaction on all channels, the Multichannel Customer Experience and the benchmark in the telecom market.
- Coordinate the analysis of the root causes of the evolution of the indicators, present the Customer Experience monitoring tools and formulate strategic recommendations
- Monitor the implementation/effectiveness of actions to control the causes of customer detraction or neutrality during Customer Experience surveys.