Communications and Marketing Department
Discover the professions of the CMD's of Orange Cameroon
The CMD’s Missions

- Elaborate and implement the development plan of Orange Cameroon’s offers
- Increase sales and market share
- Build and consolidate the brand’s image

CMD’s main duties:

- Elaborate offers appropriate for different targets.
- Analysis and competitive intelligence:develop and implement basic products
- Build the brand: Innovate with new solutions
- Develop and animate the digital : Monitor customer behaviour and provide appropriate solutions and answers
- Develop inter operator business.

Professions at the Product Division

- Product Development
- Data Product management
- Value Added Services
- Roaming et Wholesale
- Value Added Services
- Roaming et Wholesale

Main duties

- Ensure the production of offers and services designed by the markets and ensure that the quality of service is maintained
- Develop innovative telco features or services or identified business opportunities to ensure an optimal customer experience and ensure growth
- Provide customers with value-added offers and content to ensure customer satisfaction and generate revenue.
- Manage interoperator business operations locally and internationally

The professions of the market division

- Market research
- Business Intelligence/Data mining
- Business Reporting
- Customer lifecycle & value management
- Value Added Services
- Segment Management

Main Duties:

- Market Analysis: Research, analyse, measure and understand market data impacting the company's business.
- Segmentation: Develop the right value propositions for the identified strategic market segments to ensure volume leadership, improve customer experience and build loyalty
- Customer Needs & Behaviours: analyse customer needs more precisely according to precise criteria in order to propose more personalized offers with value for the customer.
- Elaboration of adapted offers : Define offers and services according to market and/or customer insights, in line with the company's global strategy and business objectives.

Professsions at the Operational Department

- Brand and creative
- Sponsoring & Event
- Go To Market
- Media & supports monitoring
- Customer experience
- Public relations
- Community management
- Digital Product

Main Duties:

- Build brand: develop and build brand image on the market in line with the company’s vision and values.
- Communications Campaign: ensure the conception, plannification and production of the different marketing campaigns in line with the brand’s strategy.
- Media & public relations: coordinate with different media stakeholders, institutions, and personalities the design of communications and marketing campaigns to better and efficiently address customers.
- Digital Ecosystem : Develop the company’s digital strategy: communication,development of digital offers and services.