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Generalists Professions

Staff administrator

Considered the oldest HR profession, the staff administrator at Orange Cameroon involves not only the management of the staff’s daily life at Orange Cameroon, but equally the management of social relations and quality of life at the office. Staffs working as “Staff administration” have as duty to implement HR services and solutions for employees and guarantee quality service and satisfaction of our internal clients. The work of the Staff administrator primarily consists in:
- Coordinating activities related to the application and observation of regulatory framework (discipline);
- Conformity of acts delivered and staff files (work contract and other administrative of hiring related to employee‘s life in the).
- Ensuring administrative monitoring concerning legal and regulatory aspects that could have an impact on the contractual relationship.
- Guarantee social monitoring and promote a healthy and serene work environment for all employees.
- The definition of social and health guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all in the workplace.
- The coordination and preservation of choice relationships with social partners and organizations
- Guarantee the quality of HR service and the best employee experience to all internal customers

HR Project Management

A profession that is increasingly becoming popular in the job market, project management is a discipline in its own right which is linked according to the orientations of all the main functions of the company. Employees working as “HR project managers” are responsible for the control of several HR projects involving different aspects
HR Project management consists primarily in:
- Support the various Human Resource divisions in implementing ,follow-up and assessment of HR projects( recruitment capacity building ,performance appraisal ,career management, personnel management )
- Highlight HR’s contribution to the company’s cross-functional projects.
- Ensure social monitoring of HR problems in relation with the company’s major strategic project
- The Federation of employees and resources within the framework of cross functional projects within its scope.

Business Partnership

Increasingly becoming common in multinational organizations, the Human Resource Business Partner is becoming very successful within organizations notably ours Employees working as “Business Partners” have as duties among others work in the internal process of Orange Cameroon’s Management to support HR strategy and act as counselors and coaches to employees of their Business unit. The Business Partners profession consists in:
- Ensuring relay for the implementation of HR strategy and procedures within supervised operations and Business Units.
- Be the first point of contact for the operational managers of their units on all HR issues and processes
- Advise and guide the employees of the supervised entities on the various HR programs and procedures
- Ensuring HR QoS improvement within their business units
- Monitor the social climate within their business units
- Promote the Orange Employer Promise within their business units

Internal Communication:

Very often linked to the Communication professions, internal Communication is very often shared by different organizations on the question of its membership. A strategic area for the internal health of the company, it is attached to the Human Resources business line at Orange Cameroon. The employees who work in "Internal Communication" are responsible for carrying the key messages of the Top Management to involve, unite and motivate employees around the brand, values and projects. The Internal Communication profession mainly consists of :
- Give meaning to the Orange corporate culture, promote, and spread it so as to create cohesion among all workers.
- Guarantee the proper transmission of information within the company at all levels (ascending, descending and transversal).
- The definition, implementation and evaluation of the communication plan and actions on internal and external events of all types aimed at employees.
- The internal development of a culture of innovation in communication practices to make information more interesting and engaging.
- Building the company’s internal information system and knowing how to measure it in order to measure it in order to give satisfaction and encourage management action.

Specialist Professions

HR Development

Considered to be one of the most strategic professions in the Human Resource function, development at Orange involves training to help define, the implementation and the assessment of capacity building and career management. Employees who work as "HR Development" contribute in:
- The definition, the setting up and assessment of training policies and mobility management at Orange Cameroon
- The implementation of an adapted system for collecting and capturing the development needs of the employees of the different Orange Cameroon entities.
- Deployment and evaluation of the impact of development actions in order to guarantee the permanent increase in competence of the teams.
- The implementation and deployment of mobility management tools, methods and rules as well as career paths for all employees.
- The definition, implementation and monitoring of processes and procedures for the management of high-performing (Talented) and low-performing (Low performers) employees to guarantee the profitability and development of Orange Cameroon.

Forecast Management of Professions and skills

An activity linked to HR development at Orange, job and skills planning management, as it is called, is a specific Human Resources activity in itself. It is the HR profession par excellence which is positioned in terms of foresight in relation to other professions. Employees working in "HR development" are in charge of an area of HR expertise with a view to supporting the company's competitiveness (activity) through skills excellence. The job of forecast and competency Planning Management consists mainly of:
- The design and implementation of tools for managing and forecasting the workforce in terms of numbers, trades and skills within the framework of succession plans or annual budget planning exercises.
- Ensure strategic monitoring of job and skills development both within the group and in our MEA zone.
- The definition or implementation of skills and job repositories used in the context of talent acquisition and internal mobility.
- Raise company's employees’ awareness to the technological, social and economic changes that influence jobs and/or skills in order to enable them to prepare for them and adapt better.

Compensation & Benefits

Relatively new and not yet really exploited to its full potential in Africa, Compensaton and Benefits is a particular business line on which Orange Cameroon's attractiveness is based. Employees in the Compensation & Benefits business are responsible for setting up a compensation and benefits system that is attractive enough to ensure employee retention and career development:
- The definition, implementation and regular evaluation of a dynamic, fair, competitive and innovative global compensation program, aligned with the company's strategy and objectives.
- Monitoring compensation and benefits practices at the local and international level
- Ensure economic balance and monitor the evolution of the wage bill in order to control the company's expenses as well as possible.
- To provide advice and expertise in the field of compensation to employees and managers in order to make the best decisions.
- Managing the implementation of social benefits / Specific benefits adapted to the constraints and particularities of our environment


Company middleman and interface with potential company recruits, the "recruiters" contribute in defining, implementing and assessing talent recruitment policies at Orange Cameroon. The job of recruiter consists mainly in:
- Setting up of a proactive, reliable and efficient system of recruitment needs across Orange Cameroon’s entities
- Setting up and deployment of more and more accurate ,objective, transparent and innovative tools and procedures
- The setting up of an efficient ,fast and quality sourcing system
- Defining ,setting up and assessing of a global Onboarding policy and process of new recruits (temporary&permanent) with the aim of ensuring the best candidate experience at OCM

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